Tips For Taking Care Of Your Hardwood Floors In The Winter

Hardwood Flooring AuroraWinter means more moisture and of course, snow. While you take great care of your hardwood floors in the summer, what extra precautions do you take during the winter? Winter is a lot harsher on your hardwood than you might realize – from salt on your shoes to water and slush; if you are not careful, you could dull the varnish or permanently damage your floors.

Robar Flooring is a trusted hardwood floor recoating company. If you need assistance refinishing or fixing your floors from winter damage, our professionals can help.

Tips For Protecting Your Hardwood Floors In The Winter

You cannot avoid winter, but there are ways you can prevent winter from ruining your hardwood floors. Follow these tips to keep your floors looking great even if the skies outside do not:

  • Use Floor Mats – Floor mats, especially at entry points, can keep the slush and snow off your floors.
  • Create A ‘Staging’ Area – If you have a mud room, make sure everyone takes off wet boots, clothes and soiled shoes there. If you do not, create a temporary staging area complete with mats and towels to hold all the wet items.
  • No Shoes Policy – Winter also means holidays, so you will have a lot of people over. Ask guests to remove their shoes and perhaps offer inexpensive or disposable slippers to keep their feet warm indoors.
  • Teach Your Kids – Kids do not realize that water is bad for your hardwood flooring. Therefore, sit your kids down and explain to them why they need to remove their boots, where to put them and make sure they help out.
  • Remember The Pets – Your pets will track just as much (if not more) snow and ice into your house. Train your pets to wait by the door, then dry off their paws as much as possible before allowing them back into the house.
  • Clean Up – The moment you see water, slush or salt on your hardwood floors, use a soft towel to clean it up. Gently mop your floors with a hardwood floor kit to keep the floors clean.

Finishing Hardwood Flooring Can Protect Your Floors

Hardwood floor refinishing can help restore them from any damage that occurs during the winter, but can also protect your floors from future damage. A hardwood floor coating comes in gloss, semi-gloss and satin finishes and provides your floor with a tough, protective finish.

Proper floor care will give your hardwood a beautiful appearance and a long life. Consider adding a coating to protect your floors and preserve their beauty. Call us today at 416-822-6184.