Tips to Consider Before Refinishing Your Floor

Floor RefinishingRefinishing hardwood floors can breathe new life into otherwise worn out, scratched and even dented floors. While your main goal is to unlock that beauty, you need to prepare yourself for job. Floor refinishing is not the type of project you can start and finish in a couple of hours project and it requires careful attention to detail. So before you assign yourself the task of refinishing your hardwood floor, make sure you get the right advice, plan properly and think through the process.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing: 3 Things to Consider

  • DIY or Hire Out – You do not have to be a flooring expert to refinish floors, but you need to do some homework before you start. Refinishing requires some knowledge of the type of floor, finishes, stains, etc. Most homeowners end up opting for a professional simply because they want a flawless finish and do not want the hassle of prep or cleanup.
  • Plan to Relocate – Your furniture and anything in the room being refinished will be moved out. If you are working on an entire house, all furniture must be relocated for protection and also because the floors need to be cleared. There will also be dust, odors and noise. So, it makes sense to plan on where to stay during this time and have a place to put your furniture.
  • Know Who to Hire – Do not trust amateurs or a general handyman to refinish your floors. Interview a few contractors and do not use price as your sole criteria for selection. Ask about references, experience and procedures. Make sure the company you hire is insured and licensed too. Ask for a detailed quote for the project.

Avoid the Mess and Hassle – Hire a Professional for Hardwood Flooring Refinishing

Refinishing hardwood floors is an art. If you want a flawless finish and a refinishing job that will last for years, you need to hire a professional. The team at Robar Flooring offers no-obligation quotes and has the experience and equipment to restore your home’s flooring to its original beauty. Whether you have an entire house or just one room that needs restoration, our experts can help.

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