Common hardwood floor installation mistakes

Hardwood Floor Installation Being PerformedYou have chosen the wood, picked out the finish and are ready to install your hardwood floors and update the look of your home or so you think! While hardwood flooring is a common interior design choice, many people fall victim to installation mistakes that leave their floors unsightly, damaged and in need of frequent repairs. Don’t let that happen to you! The best way to avoid common hardwood flooring mistakes is to hire installation services in Etobicoke from trusted professionals. Robar Flooring provides reliable services and advice to ensure that the floors you choose not only meet your aesthetic wish list, but are functional in your home and properly installed.

Avoid these Hardwood Floor Installation Mistakes

There’s no room for shortcuts when it comes to hardwood flooring. If you want quality floors that look great, last long and maintain the structural integrity of your home, hire hardwood flooring experts in Caledon. That way you can avoid these common installation errors:

  • Ignoring Moisture: Wood expands and contracts with moisture. That means variable humidity levels in the home and environment will play a big role in the way your floors look now and in the future. If your hardwood floor installation is performed by an experienced professional, they will take steps to mitigate the damage and effects of moisture. Flooring stored in an environment that is not temperature controlled may become warped or damaged. While the completed installation may appear fine, over time, major gaps between the boards may appear.
  • Sub-floor Preparations: While the hardwood is undoubtedly the show-stopping feature that homeowners focus on, a professional flooring installer knows that sub-flooring is also important. It needs to be flat, clean, dry, and match the appropriate material of the floor. Otherwise there may be loose areas, squeaky floors, shaky or unstable furniture, and other aesthetic issues. For long-lasting results above and below the surface, get your hardwood flooring installation done by experienced and dedicated hardwood flooring experts in Caledon.
  • Layout Issues: If your home is an open concept plan or rooms connect at interesting angles, inexperienced crews may not take this into account before they begin flooring installation. If the team is too eager to begin work, you could be left with flooring that connects (or disconnects) rooms at odd angles, various lengths, and awkward grains. Trust a team that is backed by years of experience in order to ensure the floor of your home looks cohesive and beautiful throughout.

Hire Robar Flooring for Expert Hardwood Floor Installation in Etobicoke

Hardwood Floor Installation Hammer Lying on a Hardwood FloorHire the reliable hardwood flooring installation team at Robar Flooring. We are dedicated to providing quality floors that give our clients the look, feel and functionality they expect from this significant investment in their home. From selection to installation and repairs or maintenance, our team is here to help you choose the right hardwood for your lifestyle, budget and home.

It is easy to make mistakes when installing hardwood floors yourself. Avoid the risk and trust the experts at Robar Flooring to do it right. Call (416) 822-6184 today to learn more.