Refinishing and Reviving Hardwood Stairs in Your Home

Hardwood Flooring OakvilleThere is no doubt about the fact that hardwood stairs add tremendous aesthetic appeal and value to your home. From straight to curved to a winding, elegant staircase, the look of natural wood paired with architectural beauty is something that every homeowner wants to have.

Hardwood stairs do take quite the beating, however. With everyday use, they will eventually wear down and need reviving. There are things you can do to help breathe life back into your stairs and even transform carpeted stairs into gorgeous hardwood stairs.

Ideas for Reviving a Worn Staircase

You have a few options for reviving your staircase, whether it has hardwood or is currently covered in carpet. Some options include:

  • Refinishing Hardwood Stairs – Refinishing requires the use of specialty equipment and patience! The job is not one that can always be completed in one day and precision is imperative for a good-looking final product. Refinishing involves sanding, scraping, cleaning, staining and resealing the wooden surfaces of the stairs and their banisters. If there is enough thickness to the wood and it is not overly damaged, refinishing is probably your best option.
  • Replacing Carpet with Wood – If your stairwell is currently carpeted, consider ripping up that carpet and installing wooden planks instead. Custom and pre-finished stair trends are available in a variety of woods, but you will want to select one that matches your existing wood banisters.
  • Fixing Squeaks and Noises – Sometimes the stairs already look great, but they are creaking and squeaking at every step. Often this means there are loose treads and rubbing parts. By securing them back together, you can reduce the noise coming from your hardwood treads.

Be Careful About Who You Hire for Hardwood Flooring in Toronto

Hardwood Flooring OakvilleNot all companies that specialize in refinishing hardwood floors can equally refinish hardwood staircases. Hardwood stairs require more skill than flooring due to the precision that is required to create accurate treads and risers. An unskilled installer or general handyman may end up creating a staircase with rough edges, uneven treads or even dangerous characteristics you don’t want in your home.

Robar Flooring is your trusted Toronto hardwood flooring and staircase refinishing service provider. Our team is highly experienced and our professionals well-trained. We can help you revive an old staircase or even install a brand new hardwood staircase for added beauty.

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