Hardwood Flooring Preparation

Getting Your Home Ready

Hardwood Floor RefinishingWhether you are replacing the existing hardwood flooring in your home or installing brand new floors, there is a significant amount of prep work. From removing furniture to cleaning to installing the subfloor, you will spend hours and hundreds of dollars if you try to do the prep work yourself. Even if you are an avid DIY enthusiast, there are a few good reasons to leave this flooring project to the professionals.

Preparing Your Home for Hardwood Floors

To be able to determine the extent of work required, here are a few critical steps you must complete as you prepare your home for hardwood flooring installation:

  • Clearing the Space – Before you can start preparing, you need to remove all carpeting, area rugs, draperies, paintings, furniture and other items from the room. Basically, the room should be 100 percent cleared with nothing in it.
  • Removing the Existing Floor – Hardwood floor removal is quite labour-intensive. It also requires special tools and you will need to remove any baseboards present so that the new floor can be installed.
  • Installing the Subfloor – Unless your home’s subfloor is in perfect condition, the subfloor will also need to be replaced. Subfloors are used as foundations and they will support the weight of the new hardwood floor. Essentially, this is what your hardwood floor will rest on. Depending on the type of floor and whether you choose real wood or not, you may need a special type of subfloor.

Even if you are refinishing your hardwood floors, you will need some degree of prep work completed. This includes clearing the room, repairing cracks, chips, dents and scratches and replacing any missing nails.

Why Hire a Professional for Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Toronto?

Hardwood Floor RefinishingWhether you are refinishing or replacing, having a professional handle everything from preparation to completion can save you much more than you realize. Not only does a professional save you the hassles of preparing your home’s flooring, but the team at Robar Flooring has the tools and expertise so you are not spending hundreds on tools you will never use again.

When you hire Robar Flooring, we assess your home and tell you exactly what prep services you will need to get your home ready for its flooring project.

Book your professional service for hardwood flooring in Etobicoke today with the team at Robar Flooring. Just give us a call at 416-822-6184 or request a quote online for preparation services.