Trim and Molding Ideas For Your Hardwood Flooring

A spacious bedroom with hardwood flooringThere are a lot of choices to make when you get new hardwood flooring in Etobicoke. From the grain to finish and all the way through to the trim, you want a look that is cohesive and coordinates with the rest of your home. Having trouble deciding on your trim and molding? It is understandable with so many options available! It can be tough to visualize the final results, but experienced flooring professionals like the team at Robar Flooring can help you choose a look that matches your new floors and other finishes throughout your home.

Tips to Consider for Selecting Trim and Molding

There’s more to think about than first meets the eye with floor trim and molding. Consider the following factors as you choose the final touches for your new hardwood flooring in North York:

  • Room – The room you are selecting trim for will determine the style you choose. If it is a formal dining space, front foyer, or home office, you may decide that a formal style is suitable. Bedrooms and bathrooms can be less formal and ornate selections. The bathrooms and kitchen don’t need to be fancy, but they should be easy to keep clean and maintain.
  • Consistency – If your home is an open concept style, you will want the trim and molding to create a flow that works throughout the entire space. If your space is more sectioned into distinct rooms, you have greater flexibility to try different types of trim and molding. Still, you should try to keep the style consistent throughout bedrooms. It will make the home seem more cohesive, likely make the materials cheaper, and probably be more appealing on the housing market.
  • Personal Style – Your master bedroom is a space that is all your own. It is a good idea to tie your personal style into the trim you choose for this room. You may or may not want it to be a focal point. Decide what suits your room and your personal taste, and then go for it!

Hire an Expert for Hardwood Floor Services in Etobicoke

decorative wooden ceilingThe team at Robar Flooring offers a range of flooring services and professional advice to ensure you are happy with your new hardwood floors, all the way down to the trim. Our experts can guide you to select the trim and molding that is right for the look of your new floors and your budget.

Robar Flooring offers comprehensive services to ensure your new floors fit perfectly with the vision you have for your home. From preparation for the project through to finishing touches like the trim, our team is here to make your flooring project a breeze.

For trim and molding services to add even more character to your hardwood flooring, call (416) 822-6184 for information. A online quotation is also possible for our prepration for flooring service.